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Picked for a Purpose


A replica built to scale and play. This 43" guitar is comprised of steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, and 23K gold. Commissioned as an auction item for a fundraiser event put on by country music artist, Luke Bryan. The piece was so impressive that Brent Yates, a motivational speaker, and philanthropist, who commissioned the first piece, commissioned two more with matching cowboy hats and guitar picks for himself and Bryan. Each guitar and hat weigh 100 pounds and each took nearly 120 hours to form. Impressively painted and distressed to create a high-gloss, wood-like finish. The base on which each guitar proudly stands is cleverly comprised of a treble clef note and pick. Negative space crafted by the removal of strategic cuts allows for depth and the added lighting brings a warm glow, enhancing the wood-like feel. A hand-formed copper hat tops off each of the guitars.







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