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Adam Stempka Welding Close Up

An Artist's Story

Adam Stempka's work is a celebration of craftsmanship and material exploration. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and passion for creating with his hands, he develops innovative designs and formally inventive sculptures that explore line and volume to create visually captivating works of art.


His work balances line, gesture, and texture to create expressionistic forms that pulsate with energy. By combining traditional materials and techniques with a modern aesthetic, Stempka creates sculptures that are familiar yet wholly original. The results are robust works of art that are singular in their ambition and universal in their appeal.

Adam Stempka

An Erie, Pennsylvania native and 4th generation welder by trade, Stempka began his career working with infrastructure and locomotives. Combining his impeccable craftsmanship with his artistic eye, he worked scrap metal into multiple objects creating unique sculptures, and realized that this was his life's path. 


An acquaintance commissioned him to create a tattered American flag. Soon after he posted the final piece, Stempka received hundreds of inquiries nationwide contacting him for flags. To date, his company, Metalheads, has created over 25,000 custom flags and shipped them to every state in America! During this time, Stempka pivoted back to his dream: sculptures and founded Stempka Designs. 


His unique works of art have received high acclaim and gained the attention of the community, highly-esteemed businesses, and celebrities.

Stempka Designs - Nittany Lion 03282023_0014.JPG


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