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Penn State Nittany Lion


With Stempka Designs gaining notoriety, Penn State Behrend approached metal artist, Adam Stempka to recreate their famous Nittany Lion in the newly constructed Erie Hall. Stempka worked closely with the university to ensure proper sizing, especially the depth of the piece as it was only allowed to emerge 1.5" from the wall, a challenge when creating a three-dimensional sculpture. The iconic lion is layered 1/8" copper and spans nearly 10' in length. The choice of copper as a material enhances the sculpture's beauty and ensures longevity. The lion is perched atop a geometric rock formation made from stainless & mild steel. The lion rests along a panel of flooring belonging to the original Erie Hall, a custom bracket was created to support the 500-pound structure. The airbrushed rocks allow the piece to achieve a three-dimensional look against the wood panel flooring. Stempka's industrial background allows him to achieve a high-end and detailed sculpture with the fundamental knowledge of hanging this incredible work of art. The newest edition of the Penn State Nittany Lion was unveiled to the public along with the dedication of Erie Hall on March 28th, 2023.







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