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Minerva Base


The Erie Arts & Culture Council conducted a nationwide competition to complete the Minerva pedestal after the county decided that the statue would permanently be displayed at the Blasco Library in Erie, Pennsylvania. Adam Stempka was selected via a public survey to move forward with his submission. Created from steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass, this 600-pound pedestal is adorned with four relief scenes that represent the meaning of the sculpture: knowledge. The base of the pedestal is comprised of 88 steel-formed book spines engraved with the names of the donors who invested in the project. Each of the four sides depicts a symbol of knowledge-- an endless knot (made of copper,) the tree of life (made of steel,) an owl (made of heated, engraved copper,) and a lotus (made of heated, engraved copper). Finally, formed copper drapes bring the entire base together allowing each scene to stand alone, but also to bring the same message as one.







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