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Early Work

2017 to current

It all started with a flag. Adam Stempka began Stempka Designs by bringing his 25 years of welding experience and exceptional craftsmanship together with a truly unique artistic style. From his work with infrastructure and locomotives to creating pieces using scrap metal, a passion was born. When Stempka was commissioned to bring his skills to life by creating custom flags for homes and businesses, what started as a hobby quickly grew. Stempka began donating pieces to many local charities--especially those which played a role in his early upbringing or where he felt a personal connection--and word spread. The popularity and widespread praise of his custom American flags sparked inspiration as Stepmka began to experiment with other works. As his flag business boomed, this outlet allowed Stempka to push further in his pursuit of achieving his lifelong dream of becoming an independent artist.

The works displayed below are some examples of how Stempka Designs got its start.







Project Gallery

Power in Numbers

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