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"I AM"

Adam Stempka's artistic brilliance shines through in the form of two towering bronze tablets, each standing at an impressive 14 feet in height. These meticulously crafted tablets are a testament to his dedication to preserving ancient traditions in a contemporary medium. The inscriptions of the Ten Commandments are faithfully rendered in the ancient Hebrew script. God is the "I AM," the self-existent one, and the "Lord" Yahweh of Abraham and his descendants. 

In assembling this remarkable structure, Stempka joined forces with the esteemed Albert Strauss. They designed a geometric faceted base cover in smoked tempered glass that not only supports the weight of the bronze tablets but also a symbolic representation of the Ten Commandments atop Mount Sinai.

Weighing in at a substantial 4000 pounds, these sculptures were delicately positioned at their destination at Temple Anshe Hesed with the help of a crane, where they were meticulously constructed on-site. The entire process was a testament to the dedication and care put into every aspect of this extraordinary creation.

Adam Stempka is more than just a metal artist; he possesses a unique and diverse skill set that extends beyond the realm of sculpture. His understanding of construction and foundation work enables him to venture into the realm of multimedia art, allowing him to seamlessly collaborate with fellow artists across various disciplines. This rare combination of artistic vision and practical knowledge empowers Stempka to create truly exceptional works of art that transcend traditional boundaries and inspire innovative and captivating artistic partnerships.







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